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Bill (Billy) Connor

Bill (Billy) Connor

William H. Connor Jr.(1944 - 2017)

Bill was born on April 4, 1944. He passed away at his home in Westminster, California on January 27, 2017, at the age of 72.
Bill was a "Good 'ol Boy" from Paducah, Kentucky. He attended High School in Paducah, Kentucky. After graduation, he attended the United States Coast Guard Academy, then graduated from the University of Kentucky, obtaining a degree in mechanical engineering. Bill spent his career working for the United States Government.
Bill is survived by his wife Setsuko, his sister, Peggy Smith, and niece, Sherry Buchanan. Bill is preceded in death by his father, William Howard Connor, his mother, Dess LaNell Connor and both maternal and paternal grandparents.
Services will be held this Friday, February 3, 2017 at Westminster Memorial Park, 14701 Beach Blvd., Westminster, CA 92683. Viewing from 10-11 AM; Services from 11-12 PM. Burial to follow. 

Funeral Home

Westminster Memorial Park Mortuary
14801 Beach Blvd Westminster, CA 92683  
(714) 893-2421

Published in Orange County Register from Feb. 2 to Feb. 3, 2017

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01/30/17 08:49 PM #1    

Bill R. Barrett

One of my closest friends since the first grade; roommates at UK, spent time together in Oklahoma, then again in Okinawa, dined with he and Setsuko while there, always called him on his birthday which was easy to always remember, 4/4/44, and spoke with him often usually before or after a UK ballgame.  I will really miss him.  I always enjoyed keeping him posted on what Norris, Dart, Kenny Hill, Roscoe (Bill Rouse), Phil Bryant, Gary Hohman, John Campbell were doing along with several others he would ask about.  He never changed; always the same easy going and laid back Billy. We would reminisce about everything from him memorizing the eye charts at the Coast Guard academy(they finally caught him on that) to our time at UK to some of his old girlfriends.  When you have 72 years of memories you have a lot you can talk about! He was a heck of an athelete and sharp as a whip; gonna miss ya 'Old Buddie". Until we meet again,  Bill Barrett

01/31/17 01:26 PM #2    

Mary Jo "Jo" Stratton (Snider)

So sad and so sorry. I too remember Billy Conner from a very long time ago. ANDREW JACKSON. I didn't keep up like Billy Ray did but remember fondly that great big smile.

01/31/17 02:12 PM #3    

Dana Dycus (Forbes)

Beautiful tribute, Bill.  He was truly a nice guy.

01/31/17 02:59 PM #4    

Eddie Griffin

Billy you are going to be missed
by so many. I will remember a lot of days with you at many schools in Paducah. We will all be knocking on your door before we realize it. As a friend told me here at Long boat key--Check out time is twelve noon and it is ten till for most of us. RIP BC..

01/31/17 09:17 PM #5    

William Norris Jennings


All of the comments for Billy echo my thoughts/memories of a great friend. We know that he had so many good friends...just reflective of his being such a good friend for us. Separated by distance after he graduated from UK, we still managed to stay in touch. In addition to his serious side, he was gifted with a great sense of to laugh with others and at himself. I want to share a couple of instances that would bring out our best laughs. He and I traveled together to school everyday from Brazelton through Tilghman(walk/bikes to Brazelton--auto to PTHS).. One of our favorites involved his  grandad (Dockie) who lived about two blocks from Brazelton and would drive us back to Clay Street after school. On one trip, Dockie's Pall Mall cigarette did not make it out of his station wagon and was successful in starting a fire in some scrap wood in the back. Our laugh was that he just kept driving as the vehicle filled with some smoke..finally stopped when Billy and I mentioned that it was probably best to remove the wood. I also might add that he was pretty accurate throwing crab apples off the end of a limber stick..he had several direct hits on cars traveling by the Clay St woods. However our all time favorite involved a trip from UK to Paducah when a "Grayson County gendarme" measured the vehicle traveling about 100mph. He escorted us to the judge's house/front porch. We quickly surmised that we were facing the judge, jury, executioner. Our later good laugh was not about the $100 he extracted from us but his outfit. Sitting on his porch in a rusty metal chair, our potbellied judge was a sight for sore eyesi A dirty undershirt, dirty boxer shorts, and untied shoes that were too big! Later we would laugh about having learned two valuable was to not go 100 mph. The second was, after watching the judge, it is not easy to put $100 in your boxer shorts. On the serious side, my wish for him on his continued journey is "a soft wind at his back and a following sea". Norris 



02/01/17 12:01 PM #6    

Marilyn Whedon (Denington)

One of the good guys I remember fondly. May God bless those who grieve Billy's loss.

02/01/17 04:57 PM #7    

William B Daugherty, Jr

I was certainly sad to see those two stars next to Billy's name.  Met him when I moved to Paducah and

enrolled at Brazelton   He was a great guy, easy to get along with, fast to laugh, just fun to be around. Roomed with him (and Bull,  Norris, Eddy Griffin, John Campbell at different times) when he came to UK.

Had a great 50th reunion with him, just like old times, but a lot less alcohol!! Rest in peach, Billy, you were

one of the best EVER.  Dart

02/04/17 10:56 AM #8    

Nancy Cooper (Bloodworth)

I just had to join the group in commenting on what a great guy Billy was. It seems we all have the same memory of him. Always kind with that great smile. He was just one of those good guys!

02/05/17 06:46 PM #9    

Nancy Fowler (Black)


I have laughed and cried reading all tributes to Billy. They bring back memories of the happy, funny, kind guy that I remember. 




04/13/17 11:37 PM #10    

Jeanne Flood Wilson (Mitchell)

I talked to Billy a few times during the last few years.  He said that I was the last living person who remembers  that  he set the new state record for the high jump in high school..  He was proud of that.  So, if anyone ever reads this, now you have that memory too.  He was such a great young man--invariably kind, smart, funny.  We lost one of our brightest lights for sure.

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